American Beyond the Color Line

Published: 2021-09-29 10:05:04
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n | American Beyond the Color Line| | | Lashekia Stanley| 3/7/2013| | Marlon Marshall in my opinion wasn’t serious about the juvenile program. You can tell that he really loved what he do as in selling drugs. Marlon loved how much money that was coming in everyday; he isn’t ready to give up that kind of lifestyle just yet. He basically states that he’s still selling drugs while he’s in the juvenile program.
I think he wants to do better in life, but the only thing he knows is what he grew up around. Once he returns home he cannot violate any of his probation meaning: Getting arrested for a new offense while on probation. Failure to pay your fines, failure to perform or complete community service as instructed, failure to appear in court to show progress the probationer made on probation. ailure to submit paperwork to court, failure to report to probation officer as scheduled, failure to pay probation fees to the probation department, failure to submit drug test, failure to submit to search and seizure by police officers of your home or vehicle. If he fail or violate any of his probation, the court may extend his probation, charge added probation terms, he will have to serve a brief time in jail, or revoke his probation altogether and require you to serve out any remaining time of his beginning sentence in prison.
As far as Marlon future his goals was to go to college and enter the Police Academy. At the rate he is going his future won’t be so bright if he’s going to continue to sell drugs. To become a police officer you cannot have any kind of misdemeanor or felonies on your record. To better his future, I hope he change, have a turn around, become successful, and reach his goals. Resource Thomson, R. (2012). Probation violation. Retrieved from http://criminal. findlaw. com/criminal-charges/probation-violation. html

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