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Published: 2021-09-30 12:15:05
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Global warming is a mostly natural process that has been going on for as long as Earth has existed. Global warming has many effects on the Earth such as rise in sea level, overall increased rise in the temperature of Earth, and even bizarre weather. However, the topic I will discuss today is how global warming causes climate changes and how this climate change affects our environment and our economic systems.
Climate change occurs worldwide due to the growth of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere which then traps more heat coming from the sun than it would without these gases. This makes the Earth milder which then causes change in climates over the globe to change their patterns. Bimbo shifting is one main consequence of climate change and global warming. This has a broad economic impact as it alters our infrastructure and sources of goods.
However, it also poses large amounts of environmental threat as there is becoming less biodiversity and habitats are shifting. This bimbo shifting affects our infrastructure in that many of the buildings we eave built up to today haven't been built to endure such a wide range of temperatures and as these bizarre temperatures continue to shift back and forth our infrastructure is deteriorating much faster than it would in stable weather. Considering this, the maintenance of these building will require much more funding as it will have to be done more often.

This could cause economic problems as it could increase the need for higher taxes to do required maintenance on governmental buildings and public schools which reduces the amount of money being able to be circulating through everyday businesses. Bimbo shifting also affects the sources of many of our goods. On Canada's west coast there is a species of salmon that is increasingly economically valuable. However, this species is beginning to have reduced survival rates causing decreased population density and a decrease in the amount of fish being able to be sold as goods.
This hits the economy as the fish were needed to provide food or work for many people in Canada. The climate change also affects some of the forests worldwide. In Alaska, a spruce beetle population has been able to grow dramatically over 20 years due to warmer weather. This then caused over 4 million acres of spruce trees in Alaska to be destroyed by the increased population of beetles. This shows how the climate change can destroy what could be used a resources in the future.
With bimbo shifting causing increased temperatures in places that normally would be cooler, some species are having to slowly shift where they find their habitats. For example the long-spines sea urchin was previously only found as far south as southern New South Wales in Australia, but now, due to increasingly warm waters and changes in currents, these sea urchins have moved farther south. They have decimated kelp forests in this region causing the ecosystem to slowly deteriorate as it becomes more and more unbalanced.
Climate change is expected to threaten one quarter or more of all species on land by 2050 passing even habitat loss as the biggest threat to life on land. Bimbo shifting is a huge problem for many species as they have evolved to live within certain areas under certain conditions and as these conditions change quickly, some species are unable to adapt quickly enough to survive. When one species food source can no longer survive, that species then is heartened as it must find another food source or it will not survive either.
This then causes less biodiversity as species become threatened and eventually extinct. To address this worldwide problem of bimbo shifting, scientists are trying to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases that enter our ecosystem. They are collecting emissions data and trying to get the government to impose new laws and limits considering consumption of fossil fuels. Scientists are working with engineers to create new engines for cars that reduce the amount of fossil fuels required to power them or even eliminate the need for fossil fuels altogether.
Solar panels and wind turbines are also being designed to harness energy from renewable sources instead of burning fossil fuels. The U. S. Has also steered away from using coal and has begun using natural gas to power the nation. This switch has significantly reduced carbon emissions over the past decade. Though many people probably think that the effects of global warming only go as far as environmental changes, there is really a ripple effect created by these changes that branches out and causes more and more problems. Global warming is directly related to environmental, social, political, and even more aspects of the world.
All of the consequences prove how we, as people who rely on the Earth to survive, need to take better care of our home.

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