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Published: 2021-09-28 12:35:03
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Patrons will be able to book on the internet the time they would prefer their food to be served. Well trained front of the house staff should take reservations, after reservations are done patrons should e welcomed to the restaurant and escorted to their tables and staff should hold chairs for women. I will make sure that all front of the house staff that is going to serve the food should know all the dishes and the ingredients in them. Waiters and waitress should be able to dish food on the tables and defining the fish when It Is served.
Linen should always be clean and must be changed If a patron leaves the table. Bar will make sure that my bar Is always stocked with the best wines, that can be paired with the dishes on menu for example champagnes, brandy, liquors, splats, ciders, lagers and the best coffee. I will employee an experienced manager who is experienced to run both the bar and the kitchen. Atmosphere: I will use the best available fine china, glassware and flat ware. Classic music should be played not too loud to overpower the patron's conversation and the lights should be dimmed (romantic).
I am going to produce Italian food, because it is health. The food is not too refined and it contains nutrients that help to reduce some chronic diseases. Fresh fruits and vegetables are important in traditional Italian cuisine. Many vegetables, fruits and herbs that are used in Italian dishes, such as tomatoes, spinach, leafy Renee, citrus fruit, onions and garlic contain low calories and fat. The food Is high In nutrient value, Like vitamin A which is good for healthy balloons and iron which transport oxygen throughout the body and Is essential for chemical reactions In the body.

Dietary fiber Is always available In traditional Italian cuisine and It Is health and good for the digestive system. Fiber also reduces blood cholesterol levels, maintains sources of healthy fats. Olive oil and seafood contains omega-3 fatty acids that helps to prevent heart diseases and reduces blood pressure. Eating fresh tomatoes educes the risk for prostate cancer. I have chosen Italian food because I have experience in cooking the dishes and making pizzas . 1 have been working in Italian restaurant for long and I feel I will have enough knowledge about the dishes.
Italian food is one of the best cuisines in the world and it also cheap and easy to cook. I am going to use ala carte menu because patrons have: Choice of food - Ala carte have an advantage of having a wide range of dishes with a flexible menu. I make my restaurant have ala carte menu with at least three dishes to choose from per course. This will be an advantage because a variety will tend to please all customers. Price - Ala carte menus are clearly priced from starters to deserts. These will an advantage as the customers will know exactly the cost of their dishes.
Meals are priced according to the ingredients used for example vegetarian dishes will be cheaper than the meat dishes. Customers will know the cost before ordering the food, which prevent customers from being presented with unexpected bill at the end of dining Flexibility -A la carte menus have the advantage of being flexible. Ala carte meals also cater for a wide range of customers with efferent needs. Starters and side orders are sold at low prices than the mains which can substitute for a meal for other customers.
For so customers who require more food, they can order as much as they want for example they can order two deserts instead of one. Customers are free to order exactly the food they want. A la carte menus are at an advantage to the fixed price because customers can order what they want at the quantity they want and won't feel like they are they have been over charged. I will employee two chef De Patti, an apprentice commits chef and two kitchen porters. I will be the head chef of the restaurant.
Since the restaurant will be opening 6 days a week and closed on Mondays, one chef De Patti will be working three days a week(to cover me when I am off, to cover another chef De Patti and to cover the commits chef when he is of unless when it is busy that's when he/she can work. On the kitchen porters, one will be part time to cover if the other one is off, he/ she can work if the restaurant is busy. Hiring apprentice, the company will benefit from wage subsidies from the government. The company will also benefit in training the chef on how to cook the dishes.
Kitchen staff hierarchy will be as follows; will train my staff on how to cook the dishes and ways to avoid wastage of food. I will be responsible for ordering stock and monitoring the stock level dairy. In the kitchen during services I will be cooking main courses, plating and sending the food. On busy days when they is another chef De Patti, my duties will be calling out orders, plating the food and garnishing the food. Chef De partier will be responsible for preparing main course dishes, cooking starters and he/she can help anyone in the kitchen if he/ she does not have work to do.
He/she can also make desserts if the commits chef is busy doing other Jobs. The commits chef will do cold starters, pizzas and he can also do desserts. Kitchen porter will be responsible for washing the plates, cutlery, cleaning of the kitchen, helping the commits chef with Jobs like washing and peeling of vegetables. They are so many factors that I looked at when I made my menu. One of the factors is Availability of foods; I looked at the ingredients that I can get in the local market . 1 have also consider ingredients in the season. Food habits; I have also done a survey to see the kind of food people prefer to eat.
I also considered the culture, traditions and beliefs. Patrons prefer to dine where their beliefs and practices are not violated. Budget; I also took into consideration when I was doing the menu. I avoided food that does not last for long. I looked at dishes that I will spend less money to buy them but brings more money. Time available; food preparation must meet deadlines. Quick service is one good asset in the catering industry. Customers must be served with their order in a short period of time. Type of customers; when I came up with the menu I considered the type of customers I will e serving.
I will be mainly serving a wide range of people so the menu will cater for different people Dietary requirements; I have also considered people with special dietary needs like vegans, vegetarian, vivo-lacertian, lacertian, nut allergic, diabetic and celiac. Weather; during summer months the restaurants will provide outdoor table and the menu will change to differentiate from summer and winter. Occasions; the menu will cater for different occasions for example during Christmas, Christmas dinners will be served. Staff and facilities; to make the menu I have considered the Taft I will have to employ in order to cook the food.
There must be appropriate facilities for staff to work on. The layout in the kitchen makes it easy for staff to work on efficiently. Marketing of the menu; I will be changing the menu every two weeks, so the new menu needs to be marketed. I will market my menu using marketing strategy like inviting well known customers for tasting, hiring someone to distribute leaflets to businesses and community, Joining companies like group to do the marketing for you, using local newspaper to market the menu and using billboard and put it outside the restaurant.

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