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Published: 2021-10-02 15:40:18
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Generally, ethanol is an alcoholic chemical which if abused; it can lead to a detrimental and hazardous effect. Constituents of ethanol can be modified and improved to produce useful substances. One of these constituents is ethanol fuel that is considered the most effective as compared to other types of fuels. Ethanol fuel is highly considered as a substitute supply of power and it is synthesized from ethane by saturating the bonds. This type of energy is cheap as compared to other gasoline products.

This is because it has fewer impurities therefore; it can be combustible causing minor air pollution as compared to other fuels. Several experts have recommended use of E85 ethanol. This is because it does not cause a lot of pollution and it is cost and health effective in all sectors and environment at large. There has been increased demand of E85 fuel in the U. S because of the looming crisis of scarcity and depreciation of energy sources. Research indicates that U. S. use a lot of E85 ethanol as compared to other countries in the world.

The demand of this E85 ethanol has been enhanced by the exhaustion of household fossil petroleum reserves in the U. S. This has led to decrease in importation of fuel and now E85 ethanol has gained roots in the U. S. and especially in the central west where corns and sugar canes are found. These are the main raw materials for production of this fuel. Thesis Ethanol fuel has many advantages as compared to other sources of fuel but there are some controversies that arise as a resort of using this fuel. The first crisis is remoteness that is associated with this gasoline fuel due to the high demand.
Latest research indicates that the oil or fuel reserve is diminishing which in turn has caused oil companies to shift their oil production to improvement and modification of substitute petroleum. E85 ethanol fuel is highly considered as a substitute supply of power but due to the high demands, adulteration has been detected in the fuel whereby the users tend to suffer more harm. This is caused by fake fuel or poor quality products. Some mechanical problems arise because of using this fuel. The cheapness that is associated with this fuel attracts many consumers to this product.
The side effect of this habit is that so many companies are concentrated in manufacturing this fuel thus eliminating manufacturers of other gasoline products. E85 ethanol fuel has a negative impact to oil companies’ profits level; research indicates that E85 ethanol manufacturing process is costly and most oil companies cannot sustain its consistent in production. Again, vehicle companies are coming up with models of cars that can use this ethanol fuel. This product is eliminating gradually indigenous or mother companies that are used to manufacturing old models.
It is known that many individuals especially those in the U. S. and Sweden has resulted to using E85 ethanol fuel because it does not cause a lot of pollution and it is cost effective to many road users and other users of the energy. But this causes stiff competition to the manufacturers of other gasoline fuel. There has been increased demand of E85 fuel in the U. S because of the looming crisis of scarcity of energy sources and research indicates the U. S. use a lot of E85 ethanol as compared to other countries in the globe who utilize this fuel.
The demand of this E85 ethanol has been enhanced by the exhaustion of household fossil petroleum reserves in the U. S. This has led to decrease in importation of fuel and now E85 ethanol has gained roots in the U. S. Another crucial factor is that significant efforts especially by the transport sector in inventing means of trimming down emissions which may be hap hazardous to the society requires use of substantial amount of money. Research indicates that the use of E85 ethanol in vehicles decreases the detrimental hydrocarbon and also emanations of benzene substances as contrasted to automobiles using on gasoline.
This ethanol is also accredited with the lessening of carbon dioxide, which is a detrimental greenhouse or conservatory gas which enhances the effects of global warming. These undertaking procedures cost the country a fortune. To some extent, tax payers are charged or taxed heavily than expected to meet these expenditures caused by use of gasoline ethanol fuel. Further more the treatment of diseases associated or caused by gas emitted through combustion of this fuel e. g. lung cancer is great burden to the US government.
Research indicates that Sweden mainly uses E85 but in the recent past most individuals in the Midwest of U. S. are using this E85 as a fuel. The main reason for the widespread use of E85 in the Midwest of U. S. is the availability of principal raw material used for manufacturing this fuel. This ethanol is mainly applied in engines tailored to allow superior content of ethanol. Again producing these engines require a lot of technicality and heavy investment. This is another problem associated with this fuel. Because of escalating fuel prices in the U.
S many people have resulted to use E85 because it is widely believed to be cheaper than other fuels. In fact many U. S states where the sale of E85 was illegal e. g. Florida State. This made the US government to legalize the usage of ethanol fuel and it passed legislation to legalize the sale of E85 ethanol to the general public. This led to lack of equality in the availability of this ethanol fuel. For example, it is found that it Minnesota has the largest number of E85 fuel pumps that is more than one hundred and thirty pumps while other United States cities have less than less than ten pumps for E85 fuel outlets.
This fuel is always sold at a cheaper price than gasoline due to the exemption of the government taxes on E85; this exemption has kept this fuel to be economically competitive with other fuel products. (Timiraos, 2007) After detecting the problems, many people have been arguing about the advocating for a proper implementation of transport systems, involving greatly upgraded sea transport, conversion of freight industry away from the road network and domestic use of fuel products.
It is therefore possible for a company to reduce greenhouse gas for the benefit of the environment, through the adaptation of the use of the E85 ethanol fuel. (US Department of Energy, 2006) There have been many debates advocating for the use of E85 fuelled cars, E85 ethanol has some advantages but the major is that of it does not require a lot of alterations before using it and research indicates users of this fuel need to purchase automobiles that can utilize E85 as a fuel or energy.
This is another trouble that is realized as result of trying to adapt this E85 ethanol. This kind of vehicles use ethanol fuel as their powering fuel and beside being considered the safest to the environment, these vehicles are said to be slower as compared to those using gasoline petrol. However, researchers have doubted the latter issue. Although ethanol cars are said to be somehow expensive and technologically complex, with great investments companies can be able to utilize them effectively and this can help to reduce greenhouse gases emission.
Most automobile companies are beginning to use these types of cars with a vision of minimizing costs. This happens mostly given the fact that fuel prices are even getting more expensive. Since fuel prices are becoming part of the company’s concerns, there is a need for the companies to effectively seek to have their transport systems to become compliant with the policies in the motor industry sector. So far, ethanol cars are therefore, increasingly being sought after as a matter of commitment by the companies. (Matthew, 2005)
The reason for this invention is that these vehicles are found to be producing no air pollutants, but instead they only emit heat. But the carbon monoxide gas that is produced slowly by slowly has adverse effect with the driver and other passengers at large. Even if this ethanol fuel is basically considered as an alternative fuel in vehicles, due to its mode of creation, it can be made from a number of resources and getting these resources also require funding to enhance a characteristics of allowing a clean-burning procedure.
Conclusion Having discussed the main problems associated in usage of this gasoline fuel, there are some various advantages. To start with, the production of this gas has been proposed to be carrying various advantages such as; enabling a stronger national energy security. It also brings about a reduction on the green house gas emissions thus allowing an improvement in the quality of the environmental air, and the other advantage is that it enhances an increase in the energy efficiency in particular countries.
Lastly people are becoming more innovative in new models of engines that would use this E85 ethanol fuel. Further more under this development we find that the United States is trying hard to cut off its dependency on the oil from the Middle East whereby, we see that it has more plans to transform its oil system and start depending on the fuel resulting from ethanol. U. S administration has embarked on provision of subsidies which at present lies at nearly fifty cents for each gallon and tax enticements to willing oil producing companies in order to boost the supply of this fuel
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