Early Pregnancy

Published: 2021-09-29 11:05:03
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The Internet ! Teenagers nowadays have so many problems. One of the most common problems is big occupation with the Internet. Teenagers use it every day but not in a good way. The fact is that we can’t imagine one day without the Internet, but children today use it for things which don’t have a good influence on them. For example , kids spend few hours every day playing computer games. They don’t learn anything good from it. Years ago children used to spend all of their free time to hang out with each other, but nowadays they spend all of it to chat online with their friends.
That’s the worst thing with Internet. They spend their childhood with the ‘ peace of technology ‘ , not with real people. It would be the best if parents took care of their children and thought more what they do in their free time. They should restrict their time and in that way they could have more time for something that are important in their life. On the other side we need Internet for everything today. The bright side of the Internet is that we can get intouch with our cousins and friends form other countries by skype.
Unsociable children Big problem of children nowadays is that they have problems with finding friends. It’s really hard for them to find someone who will understand and support them in every way. The Internet , that I’ve just written about has a big influence on their sociable life,so they’re often lonely and feel depressive all the time. They watch lots of movies that are not suitable for their age and they think it’s okay to do those things.

Because they don’t have friends and feel depressive , they become aggressive and often don’t find their soulmates. Children don’t understand each other al all. There is too much bullying and misunderstanding in their lives. When someone doesn’t want to do something bad, like smoking cigarettes , or drinking alcohol , what is ‘normal’ nowadays in their age , that person for the rest of society is not normal or modern and than they reject him/her from their group. But , the only truth is that if you don’t do those bad things you stayed good unlike them.

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