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Published: 2021-09-27 19:35:03
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Communication Is always Important no matter what type of organization or environment it may be. Feed back and the teams approach can determine how effective and ineffective the organization is. When the team approach technique is used communication is better, there is less barriers between each department, and the speed/quality of work usually is improved (Lombardi & Shoehorning, 2007). Feedback is always good because it allows an employee to get information about what he or she is doing right or wrong so that they can take the time to improve.
In he health care field workers are always completing self-assessments, this makes the team approach technique especially good for them because they are able to Improve and then they can get with other health care workers and discuss their Ideas about what Is Important for the organization. Sharing each others Ideas and providing Important Information Is one of the most effective techniques used to run an organization successfully. There are many advantages and disadvantages with a team approach.
There are some people that like to work as a team, yet there are others that would rather work alone. One advantage would be getting more than one opinion about what is best for the organization. One disadvantage is competition, some people may want to try and be better than the next person instead of trying to work as a team. Working as a team can sometimes make people very frustrated because they have to rely on others. (Krebs, 2009) Ineffective techniques There are ineffective techniques as well.

When working as a team there may be problems that arise, Like feedback from others may not always be taken positively which can cause Issues In the work environment (Krebs, 2009). There are also times when someone may not finish their duties leaving It for someone else to do It for them. It can be hard for some to come to the same agreement and this creates problems In the work environment. Many of the people that I worked with did not want to work as a team they wanted to do everything on their own.
We had to show the managers that we were working as a team, but when they were not looking over our shoulder many of the employees did what they wanted to. This makes things very frustrating, there are so many times when someone does not take work as serious as he next person and this creates more of a work load for those that do take their Jobs serious. Ways these techniques are applied It is very important in a healthcare work environment that these techniques are applied.
There are so many duties that health care workers have to do, if they take the team approach than the Job can get done without any hassles. Healthcare Jobs can get very stressful at times; it Is always good to have more than one hand doing the Jobs. Communication Is essential because a lot of mistakes can occur with paper work or any miscommunication. These techniques can be applied by developing a am memoir expertise Ana learning now to communicate as a team (Salesman, Idea, Farmer, Vetch, Rosen, & Kid, 2007).

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