Job Analysis and Human Resource Requirement

Published: 2021-10-01 07:00:05
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* HR Career Feature Job Analysis in Human Resources by Surajit Sen Sharma Human resources personnel need to be prepared to modify job specifications and job descriptions on an everyday basis. To achieve organizational success, it is crucial to identify and determine the jobs that the organization needs performed in order to reach its strategic goals. Job analysis is therefore a vital function of human resources. | | | + Enlarge| | Human resource departments must analyze multiple aspects of a company in order to stay in the competition. | | What is job analysis?
Job analysis may be defined as a methodical process of collecting information on the functionally relevant aspects of a job. Job analysis tells the human resources personnel: * the time it takes to complete relevant tasks * the tasks that are grouped together under a single job position * the ways to design or structure a job for maximizing employee performance * the employee behavioral pattern associated with performance of the job * the traits and attributes of a proper candidate for the job * the ways the data can be used to develop human resource management What is the need for job analysis?
Three major factors create the need for job analysis: * statutory concerns, such as equal employment opportunity * responses to business competition—recruiting and retaining talent * technological changes that create new jobs and render others obsolete What are the uses of job analysis information? Job analysis information is used in human resources on a regular basis to define: * Job description: A job description gives an account of the work and duties associated with a particular job. It describes the way the job is performed currently. Most job descriptions contain the following information: * the job name summary description of the job * a list of duties for the job * a list of organizational responsibilities related to the job * Job specifications: Job specifications define the characteristics of the activities associated with the job and given in the job description. They describe the skill sets and qualifications that a candidate for the job should possess. * Job classification: Job classification groups similar jobs into classes and families. This simplifies the overview for managers and is essential for streamlined functioning of an organization. Job evaluation: Job evaluation involves finding out the monetary worth of a job and helps to set up equitable pay structures. * Job design: Job design integrates employee needs with productivity needs to maximize worker efficiency. The conclusions draw from this data will often be: * Identifying training needs of personnel * Creating recruitment strategies * Making performance reviews Without proper job analysis by the human resources department, it is difficult for any organization to remain competitive and be able to attract and retain talent.

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