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Published: 2021-10-01 18:00:07
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Dear Sir:
Early in life, I knew that I would become a successful lawyer.
When I was a child, I had a picture of myself reading "The Little Book of Lawyers". The book is a simple introduction to law that was written to make it easy for a young reader to understand. At an early age, I always wanted to know how to defend myself and my family from injustice.

My passion for the study of law grew when the landlord of the home where I lived with my parents, served us an eviction order. As a result of our problem, I started studying Lease Law when I was in high school to determine if our lawyer was pursuing our case correctly.
Fortunately, we won the case and this inspired me to begin my law study at the Università Statale di Milano. After completing my law studies, I commenced my training experience in the law firm of the lawyer who assisted my family in the eviction procedure. I have regarded him as a meticulous mentor who has provided me with vast knowledge, exposure and experience and trained me to work in an orderly, precise and professional manner.
After almost two years of law practice, I have confirmed a strong desire to specialize in International Law.  My love for International Law started when I was at the University where I studied under the tutelage of great professors such as Fausto Pocar and Tullio Treves. To have a better grasp of International Law, I decided to work at Clifford Chance LLP, a firm known to have a very strong international network.
It has been almost four years now since I began my law practice at Clifford Chance (CC).  Since Clifford Chance had offices in various countries, I gained a lot of experience while working with colleagues in other CC international offices. I am usually assigned to work with colleagues from the London headquarters and the New York offices but I am often given the opportunity to work with other offices, e.g. Germany and Spain.
As I deal with various cases, I learn to understand the importance of International Law.  I was astonished by the incredible ways various jurisdictions intertwined together and how the rules of every country combined in a unique entity in order to allow parties to have business relationships all around the world.
Nowadays, the world is a very small place due to globalization and the advancement of technology. Even the smallest business has to deal with customers from different countries in order to be competitive. In my practice, I have encountered questions, e.g. what happens when an agreement is ruled by a law different from the country where the party in default lives?
How can I enforce a judgment issued in Italy if the debtor is in Portugal? What happens when a company in Russia has to deal with a debtor who was declared bankrupt in Italy? The above are few of the problems that a good international lawyer has to deal with.  These are not easy issues and a lawyer has to study and work a lot and have good teachers in order to know how to handle them correctly.
At Clifford Chance, I had the opportunity to work on very big and important issues. We dealt with the bankruptcy of one of the main companies in our country. This company has subsidiaries all over the world, has business relationship with different countries, and has issued bonds on the market. Although the international issues were complicated, dealing with the problem was extremely interesting as I worked together with highly qualified professionals who helped me understand the complexities of every issue.
My passion to specialize in International Law has strengthened my desire to further my studies and pursue LLM in International Business and Trade Law.  I have always been focused in the pursuit of my career and my studies and work performance will attest that I have been a meticulous scholar, and a result driven lawyer.  As I always believe that we should always strive for excellence, I tend to work in a precise manner so I can achieve the best result.
This is something that I have learned in my work experience. I believe in the saying that if you want to be a good professional, you have to think that you must become the best professional. It is only in aiming high that you can reach the higher points of knowledge, professionalism and skills.
I hope that you will grant my application to pursue my studies in (write the name of the university). I strongly believe that pursuing the LLM International Business and Trade Law program will allow me to grain a solid knowledge and exposure on issues related to international law that will lead me to become a skilled professional in this field of study.
Thank you very much.
Very truly yours,
Aaron Ghirardelli

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