Philippine Traditions: The Greatest Heritage

Published: 2021-09-29 14:00:03
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The Philippines has vast practices, traditions, and cultures. They existed a hundred years ago or may be thousands but they are still practiced up to now. It is like a legacy which is passed on from generation to generation. Usually, it is the old folks who relate these traditions over and over again. On my Grandma’s burial, her valued possessions are also buried in her grave. I asked my Mama why they have to do that and she simply answered, “So that she can bring it with her as she leaves us”.
Well, we all know that a dead person cannot do that. The truth is, those things will only decay in there but to the Filipinos, it has a great significance and we can never question that. Another Filipino heritage which is highly valued in wedding custom is the “Pamamanhikan”. It is where the would-be groom with his parents goes to the house of the would-be bride to seek the blessing of her parents. It is also in this point when both parties formally set plans for the upcoming wedding.
This symbolizes honor and respect to the parents of the couples. There are also certain Filipino habits that foreigners find them overwhelming. For example, when a visitor comes in, the family serves every delicacy and every mouth-watering Filipino cuisine that they can so as to please the visitor. He’ll be attended to the most comfortable room available and all his needs are served with delight and a warm smile. No wonder, Filipinos are known for their hospitality.

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