Truman Show Film Review

Published: 2021-09-29 07:55:03
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The Truman Show is a metaphor for modern society, it focuses on the way the media manipulates reality. We are complicit in that manipulation and also victims of it. The film challenges us to critique the media and extricate ourselves from the “reality” it surrounds us with. The Truman Show tells us about life and reality, it portrays from what is real and what is a fantasy. Truman’s world is somewhat like our own world because of the way things are perceived and approached. Everyone expects and wants a true reality and build things around a world that we all seem to want and truly believe in.
This is a similar case to what Christof seemingly tried to create, however it was more forced and mannered compared to what the worlds view and society’s form of a world would be like. We all expect things to be perfect; however nothing can be too perfect. There has always got to be imperfections or something going wrong. In a way we are set up, naturally you’re always going to want something, but when you see something better you want that instead; it’s the same with wanting things that you can never get. The concept is the same.
It’s that lust of just wanting to be accepted into the world accordingly to what society approves of, just that feeling of wanting to be accepted into the world. In Truman’s case, everything was controlled. From staging to lighting, friendships, and relationships and just how absolutely everything was set out. It was a manifested stage; the perfect little world where everything was always right. In our world, reality; we try and make it the same, however things don’t go our way all the time which causes the little caresses in time and change, completely flipping a scenario around therefore causing things to go unexpected.

Not as planned and not as we have hoped. We are controlled by forces that we cannot handle such as the push and gravitational pull. The earth’s atmosphere and weather, our love and emotions. Little things like this that has such a big impact into the world; our world and our reality. The media plays a big role in both our world and Truman’s world. We are impacted by it every day and most don’t seem to notice. We rely on it a lot and we all seem to revolve around the media always wondering and dependent so we know what to expect next.
The media plays an important role in The Truman Show because it is a set up world. The way that Christof has made it to be, to advertise to the viewers watching his show. Almost every way that it is staged out, there is a product being sold or just the way that they talk to each other is fake, you can tell that it’s been scripted and Truman is really only oblivious to this because he chose to believe that this is his real world and this is what it is made out to be until he has suspicions into what is really occurring.
In our world, the media somewhat plays a similar part. We rely on it to get our information. It can be used for good and bad. There really is not telling in what to expect next coming from the media as they are so unexpected and mysterious. As it is, we are a lot like the viewers of the Truman show because we support the media industry. We are keeping the industry going by encouraging it and egging it to go on. The media is our form of entertainment and it’s almost our crucial bit of daily medicine, like we must take some in each day in order to survive and go on.
We rely on the media as much as it relies on us to keep it running. In modern society we accept whatever goes on and most of the time approve and agree of whatever the media is saying, posting or filming; either broadcasting online or offline. It has become so relevant in our world and especially to this generation. We are like the viewers of the Truman Show because whatever the media plays, and we watch it is just another form of entertainment for us and the people’s lives that they intrude on is merely a form of enjoyment to our eyes.

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