Understanding Positive Organizational Politics

Published: 2021-10-02 03:30:06
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Politics is perhaps as pervasive in the workplaces as the desks and chairs. In her book, It’s All Politics: Winning In A World Where Hard Work And Talent Aren’t Enough, Reardon explains that it is therefore essential to participate in the positive side of organizational politics so as to achieve success. Employees must be aware of hidden agendas, and also seek to understand how their employers think.
Moreover, the overly polite employees who are pushed around by the aggressive ones must learn that extreme sweetness is as awful as extreme aggression. Thus, organizational politics must be used to one’s advantage; as hard work, talent, and niceness do not contribute to success in the absence of emotional intelligence. Organizational politics is generally understood to be “social influence attempts directed at those who can provide rewards that will help promote or protect the self-interest of the actor (Cropanzano, Kacmar, and Bozeman 7).
” Although many theorists recognize that there is a positive side to organizational politics, it is typically believed that political behavior in the workplace entails attempts to enhance, protect, and/or benefit one’s self-interest without due consideration for the welfare of others or the organization as a whole. Also in the negative sense, organizational politics is understood to be informal, usually offensive, unlawful, as well as obviously parochial (Harris, James, and Boonthanom 29).

This is the reason why Reardon feels the need to describe the differences between destructive politics and constructive politics with a single word, that is, virtues. She discusses a mastery of ethics alongside a mastery of politics for the maintenance of high professional standards. As a matter of fact, the author explains that many organizations have begun to reward constructive politics by assisting their employees in finding their individual political scopes while improving the outcomes.
Furthermore, her book is not meant to impart knowledge about the negative side of politics. Rather, it is the positive side of politics that the book delves into with an understandable description of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Outline of the Paper This paper analyzes Reardon’s conception of organizational politics with a number of management theories to shed light on the positive side of organizational politics. The following is the outline followed by the research paper:

Reardon’s words on the subject
Differences between positive and negative organizational politics
Organizational politics and career success
The use of organizational politics for the benefit of all organizational members
Detailed analysis of the relationship between effective organizational politics and emotional intelligence
Detailed analysis of the relationship between effective organizational politics and charismatic leadership.

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