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Published: 2021-09-30 15:25:05
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Walgreen has faced over the past two years are changing their brand and the process needed to make that change. We can see that Walgreen has made some good decisions over the years . This is evident by the fact that there are still many Walgreen stores across the country and they are continuing to build new ones every year. If we take a look into how they made such crucial decisions we will find them using good decision making techniques such as predetermination's evidence, and good old fashioned Intuition.
The first element we can find within Walgreen decision making process Is rainstorm. We can see that before changing the brand from old to new the mangers In the higher ranks of the corporation all got together and started throwing out Ideas. They did some research and based upon fact they made educated guesses on what may work and what probably would not work. The managers of Walgreen TLD a fantastic Job with their research and brainstorming. Walgreen wanted to stand out among their competition so In order to do that they had to know what the competitor was doing.
It seemed the competitor was not much different from Walgreen. This is where we see the brainstorming really become effective. The managers began to come up with ideas on how to make the stores an experience instead of just a cash and carry drugstore. They really used the tools of good decision making to begin the process of changing the brand for good. Second we can look at the gathering of evidence. Walgreen knew if they were to be different then they had to study their competition. The head honchos did their homework well.

They gathered information from research and surveys and listened to the customer needs. They not only listened they decided to take a chance and build their new brand on the customer experience. Now we have seen a company go from a rational model of decision making and step into the new age. They admitted that old manager models were out dated and they were ready to step into a fresh new approach. It is interesting that we see them heading into a very modern direction but using old fashioned decision making techniques to arrive there.
Walgreen management team took their job seriously by making sure they followed through with pouring over statistics and studying successful companies with different brands than their own to see what was giving them the success. They decided that it Just had to be the customer service levels and the approach. Surprisingly enough we can also see the big bosses at Walgreen using their Intuition to make the final decision on whether to change the brand or not. They are customers at other places and they take their family and friends out to eat and do different things.
When out and about they kept track of what businesses were full and why. If they went out to eat and there was a two hour wait they would pay close attention to why. This process gave them the Intuition, or experience to know what or how a person wants to be treated when they are spending their money with a company. They brought their Intuition to the drawing room and along with good brainstorming and gathering of evidence, the management staff of Walgreen was able to make a good business decision.
We sometimes see ethics compromised when decisions are made and Walgreen is not a when they admittedly failed to control the sales of controlled substances in a few of its pharmacies. The effects of this could have ruined the company but lucky for them they were able to pay a hefty fine and shut the door on what could have been an ethical disaster for them. It seems the Federal government agreed to dismiss the ease when the fines were paid.

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