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Published: 2021-09-28 04:15:03
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Videos games are a big factor in children becoming obese. The first video game was invented in 1958 by William Highlighting. The game was called "Tennis for Two", was created and played on a Brookhaven National Laboratory Oscilloscope. Then in 1962, Steve Russell invented "Space War', which was the first game intended for computer SE. In 1967, Ralph Bare wrote the first video game played on a television set; the game was called "Chase". Later in 1972 Ralph Bare designed the first commercial video game console that could be played in the home.
In 1989 the first Nintendo video game system came out that has dramatically change children's pattern. Children are not exercising their legs and arms anymore but only are exercising their hands by using a controller playing a video game. Every year since 1958 video games are improving and it is making it more difficult to get children off the couch. In 2012 here are also many more video games for children to play with the latest systems out like Oxbow 360, Palpitation 3, Nintendo ADS, and the Nintendo WI. These video game systems have gone beyond Just playing a game but are actually more like a computer.
Now children are able to sit in their family room and play a game online with their friend anywhere around the world. This video game is capable of storing music and videos on the game console. The players on the games look like actual people which make these children very addicted to playing. The new video games are even more dangerous because children are able to have interaction with their reined without getting up from the couch to play with them. Riding bikes, playing soccer, and playing tag for entertainment. This was the normal thing for children to do on their free time.

Back in the day parents would put their children on punishment by not letting them go outside to play. Today parents punish their children by taking away what is most important to their children video games, television, and the computer. With the growing popularity of these entertainment devices, kids are becoming less active, and obesity is growing. It seems like the childhood obesity problem would be resolve if children started to play outside like hillier use to many generation ago. This is a very serious problem because these obese children are getting health problem a lot early in their life.
These children are at a greater risk of contracting high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. The reason of the connection with obesity and high blood pressure is not known, but the association is caused by the increase blood volume. Diabetes is the second major health problem dealing with obesity. Sleep apneas is another condition that threaded obese children. While children are sleeping their breathing is interrupted which can cause death. Sleep apneas can lead to problems with learning and memory.
Freeman states that, " nearly 60% of overweight children had at least one cardiovascular risk factor compared to 10 percent of those children with body mass index for their age and 25 percent of overweight children had two or more risk factors" (Freedman, ADS, 1999 par. 4). This is a critical problem that affects these children's quality of life. Canadian study states "Obesity not only harms a child's body, but it also causes significant psychological damage to children as young as ten years old" ( Kerrey, S. 009 par. L). These children are more likely to have low self-esteem.
Children that suffer from this have increase chances of feeling sadness, anxiety, loneliness, and depression. These children are normally withdrawn from children their age. In some cases these children are teased and even bully by their peers because they look different. As time goes on some children might turn to drugs and alcohol to help deal with the pain. In some cases they might even commit suicide because they are in severe pain. Without any doubt, obese children deal with many issues that children should not have to deal with. There are some things that obese children can do to protect themselves from these serious illnesses.
Eating properly is a great start. Also eating more raw fruits and vegetables will help too. Portioning out foods at every meal time and drinking the eight to twelve ounces of water are sure ways of a healthy diet. Children have to stop eating foods with high calories and high fat because it is unhealthy for their diet. Parents should also limit their children's carbohydrates intake daily because this is not healthy for children either. Carbohydrates prevent fat breakdown and drive fat onto fat deposits, causing fat to accumulate, which is another reason way obesity occurs.
Parents have to get educated to know the proper foods that their children Eating properly can prevent obesity. Parents have to limit the time daily that their children play and watch these entertainment media devices. Eliminating the television from the bedroom will reduce overall screen time and may help to limit nighttime media use that may interfere with children's sleep. Turning off the television while eating will help disconnect food from television viewing. It will also help children to be aware of the DOD that they are consuming. Parents should also limit the time daily that their child is allow to play video games daily.
A great start for parents would be to only allow their children to play video games for thirty minutes a day. Parents play such a vital role in their children's activities, and it is they who need to get their kids more involved with physical activities and less time on the couch. The best way to do this is by setting a good example is getting physically active with children. The first way they can get their children physically active is by encouraging their children to go outside daily. Take bike rides, swim, or even take walks with children. This will also be helpful to children because they are spending quality time with their parents.
It is a norm with the parents of today spending what they considered quality time with their children watching the television. Physical activity should be fun and make children feel good, not a chore they must do to lose weight. Childhood obesity is not a problem that is easily solved. Parents have to start making major changes in their family's lifestyle to solve this problem. If the childhood obesity rates continue to rise our youth are going to be in serious trouble. Parents have to start to take control of their households before their children have serious health problems.
The government also needs to step in and stop letting these food advertisers prey on the children and adolescents. It should be a law that for the children's programs that come on the television advertisers are only allowed to show commercials for healthy food products that children would enjoy eating. This would definitely help stop children and adolescents consuming all of these high calories foods. In conclusion, the research and the static that were presented in this paper will incur with the argument that children are not exercising and playing outside anymore but are sitting down playing with these entertainment devices.
Parents most limited the time daily that their children are spending watching the television, playing video games, and on the computer. Parents also need to start encouraging their children to play outside as children did generations ago. If parents started to do these things for their children's health, then the number of obese children in America would start decreasing. Obesity is a hard cycle to break, but if parents stop eating entertainment devices run their children's life and have them increased physical activity, then the outcome can be reverse and children can start to live happy, healthy lives.
Seafood Library is a great place to collect data for academic papers because all of University staff has approved all of the Journals, magazine, and newspaper articles in their databases. It is also helpful to use their library because everything that is needed for citing the article is on the page too. The Center for Diseases Control is also another reliable source to collect information. This is the government website so here is a lot of statistics and data that will be helpful in an academic paper. This source also has up to date information that is useful when writing papers.
The statistics and articles that was researched for this academic paper agree with the argument that children are not staying physically active, but are entertaining themselves with media devices and that's what is making them obese. Many articles that that were found state that parents need to limit the time of their children daily on the computer, video games, and the television; by parents doing this easy task that will help reduce the risk of obesity in their children. The articles are also stating that children need at least sixty minutes daily doing an exercise activity.

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