Women Should Be in the Maliltary

Published: 2021-09-29 06:40:03
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Yes, women should serve in the military. Women can provide administrative support instead of being in combat positions. With the help of technology and computers, women would be able to help protect their countries and their loved ones living in their countries even without going to battlefields to fight and kill. So, why shouldn't women serve NS? They should be allowed in combat. They should be allowed to be in combat because it is their life's choice, so if they want to die in battle, fighting for our country they should be allowed to do that.
It's their freedom to help their country and they have every bit as good of stamina as men do, so you can't say that men are more robust. They aren't born like that and neither are women, they have to work at it and they will achieve it. I think that Women Should. I think that women should be allowed to join the army. That women are slightly weaker physically, does not prevent them to be brave and that they will help other people in war zones and they will bombard their homeland as any other. It is not harder for a woman to kill a man.
It depends on how well they are prepared and how much you care about the issue, and who says women can not be involved? Never underestimate what a women is capable of. Yes, women are not as strong as men. But they sure can do the job. Everyone judges just because they think a women can't do a man's job which isn't true. Women should be able to do what they want and the way they want to do it. Underestimating a women shouldn't even be something considered. We can fight, we can give our nation pride! Women are no different. Women are no different in combat than men.

They may not be men but they can fight just like if they put their hard work into it. They are hard working. They can protect themselves and they can act to the best interest in the wars. They work just as hard. Women are sometimes much braver than men. Those women who have had children have pulled through the pain of giving birth, which men do not know about. That means that the women are much braver than the men. Thus maybe in a war those women that are shot can continue to strive and defend the country better than the men. Don't underestimate women.
If women want to go to combat, then they're already aware of what they are going to face with. There is no need to underestimate them. Let the females pave the path for the males who even wish to have a position in the military. Women and men are equally made despite our reproductive organs. Women should be allowed. Women should be allowed because just because we are smaller and maybe just a little bit less stronger then men shouldn't mean that we can't fight. Men have weak points that women don't, and if they train hard enough they could be skilled with a hand knife. This country wouldn't be free if they didn't let us fight for our country.
Also women have the same rights as men. Women should be allowed. Women should be allowed because just because we are smaller and maybe just a little bit less stronger then men shouldn't mean that we can't fight. Men have weak points that women don't, and if they train hard enough they could be skilled with a hand knife. This country wouldn't be free if they didn't let us fight for our country. Also women have the same rights as men. If you can, and want to, then do so! Most of the arguments against are based on old stereotypes which have no basis in reality. People erroneously focus on gender instead of individual differences.
Whilst some men are not up to army life, there are some women who couldn't hack it either. Women are better at endurance than men, are better able to manage pain. They are also better communicators. Lots of women are able to pass the training and are up to the challenge of warfare. There is a lengthy history of women in the military dating back hundreds of years. It seems that only in more recent years have women been deterred from pursuing active, aggressive roles because some narrow minded people think it's unladylike. We're just as good as men. I am as physically capable as most men, and more so intellectually.
I don't see why I should be excluded from my chosen career path. Plus, women have been serving on the front lines since as early as WWI, and probably earlier. They just haven't been recognized for what they've do Women are just as mentally and physically strong as men. There are many reasons. Some feel as though they were destined to join the army, but most importantly, many people think that women can't deal with the army physically and mentally. Woman can build up their strength just like men. Yes, out in the field there may be that lack of physical hygiene, but there is a thing called baby wipes!
Also, some woman are just as mentally strong as men! I mean, some woman can keep everything to the back of their minds and not let it bother them, or they could have a cry about it, then that's it. And this rubbish about how men feel the need to protect a female? I'm female and I would help a female or a male, if they needed it. In the army it's about working as a team, which means helping and each having one another's back. Yes, they are just as good as men. I think it's acceptable, so yes. Because we're all humans, and we have to be able to have the same rights. So if men can be in the military, so can women.
Woman can be just as strong as men. We all have the power to protect our country, and I think we need the extra power just as much. Not that the military is already strong, but it wouldn't be bad to have some more power over the fighting places. Women and men are both humans. If men are to be in the military, women should as well. Women and men are humans. We shouldn't be asking "Should women be in the military? ", instead, we should ask "Should humans be in the military? ", but as we don't ask that and we don't consider stopping wars, I think that women and men have the same rights and obligations. How is this even a debate?!?
Right, first off I just want to say that the solution to high sexual harassment levels in the military should not be to ban women from being in the army. IT'S LIKE SAYING THAT THE WAY TO STOP CHILDREN FROM BEING MOLESTED BY PAEDOPHILES IS TO BAN HAVING CHILDREN. The women are not the problem here, it is the people sexually harassing them that need to be dealt with. The women know exactly what they are enlisting for when they join the army (and actually if they don't then the government and army are the ones to blame rather than the women themselves) and they have the right to choose what they want to do with their lives and careers.
The changing landscape of modern warfare has changed and so should our requirements to enlist. Technological advancements in military capabilities have made obsolete the requirement for physical strength in the army, thereby allowing women to serve alongside men in the army. Conventional wisdom states that women should not serve National Service as physical strength is a requirement and women, in general, do not possess the strength to carry out the strenuous activities in NS. However, modern warfare is not all about physical strength. In recent years, the landscape of warfare has shifted from physical geographies to cyberspace.
Whilst fighting on the front line still carries significance, cyber warfare has grown in importance. This is of particular relevance in Singapore where human population is a limit for army size and technological advantage must be fully harnessed. Take for example the Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008 where the Russian military infiltrated Georgian security networks to destabilize their military capabilities in order to win the war. This serves as evidence that physical combat is no longer the only aspect in warfare that matters. In many modern wars, cyber weapons win the battle.
With this in consideration, physical strength need not be a prerequisite in National Service, women with sufficient knowledge of cyber warfare can be a significant resource for the Singaporean army as well. ome women can pull it off While I was enlisted I saw quite a few women who just couldn't hack it. They didn't have enough strength or mental discipline. Sometimes they just went through their "I can do what I man can do" phase, then switched over to girly (helpless) mode once they got bored. It was crap. However, some women were a pleasure to work with. I didn't mind working with them at all, in fact I preferred it.
It was a nice change in conversation and made everything a little more relaxing. I had faith in those women and in no way valued them more or less than any male I served with. We need to get those girly girls out of tough positions though. If you aren't giving as much as your male counterpart, get something easier. There are a ton of positions in the military where strength isn't required and the stress is a lot lower. Don't Tell me what I can't do! Hey you guys. I am a 5’8, 130lb, 22 year old girl, and I can currently exceed the military strength and running requirements for male combat units.
I have no intention of joining the military, and I am in no way claiming that I know what it takes to make it on the front lines. But I also know that if it was something I wanted to do, my strength wouldn't be an issue. I’m sick hearing men claim women can’t cut it. It’s very insulting to be so underestimated. Nothing infuriates me more than someone telling me I can’t do something that I already know I can do. If there are tests in place to ensure only qualified candidates get the job, and a woman passes that test. That woman is qualified for the job, just like all the men.
This does not lower standards of these groups. It simply broadens the applicant pool. People used to claim women weren't cutout for the stresses of being a doctor. People also used to say that women in executive positions were disruptive to the male work place dynamic.... (sound familiar? ) Women managed to do just fine in those fields despite the initial skepticism. (note statistic on 47% of 2011 medical students being women) This is just America's next step in forming a more equal society. The military has risen above discrimination based on skin color, sexual orientation, and now gender.
I can’t wait until some of you in the “no” columns explain your point of view to the next generations. They’re going to look at you the same way as I look at my grandpa when he tells me something racist. Luckily for me, I won't have to go storming to the nearest recruitment center to prove my point. There are already plenty of awesome women in the military who are going to do it for me. Have fun ladies! Definitely yes Although it's true that women lack the upper body strength that men have, that doesn't mean they are incapable of performing military duty. I've seen women with strength that surpasses many a man's.
As for the 'being a liability' and needing protection, that's all nonsense. Combat is dangerous for men and women alike, and being a man won't save you from a bullet. If women have equal rights as men, then why limit their options? I know that when the time comes, I'm not gonna wait around, pretend to be a damsel in distress and wait for Prince Charming. Women can take care of themselves. Also, there is a reason why there are two genders - so they would complement each other. There some things that men can't do, but women excel at and vice versa. Women in the military
Brigadier Nicky Moffat was Britains first general and this year 14. 5 percent of all active duty in the military and women have worked to hard to keep this country safe and till this day because of women we can live a safe life at home and women have worked in the military since 1900-2012 and 14000 women in the navy and 60000 Army women were in the war against the Japanese. Yes they should be! 100% Men and Women both have to go through some type of basic training no matter what branch they are in. while in Basic training the military train these men and women in how to help team members in a time they may need them.
I read the no opinions and a lot said no because women "aren't strong enough" or because "they have other duties". that to me is bull! my sister has been in the military for 5 years and she has passed every P. T. test that they have giving her. and most of the time she testes out over the expectation for the females because she pushes herself till she cant any more. Women can shoot just as good as men, we may look small but a lot young guys in the military look small as well but give them a strength test they will prove you wrong just like the women. they are in the military they know what to do, how to do it and when to do it!
If women can handle childbirth, then they can also handle combat. Women that may be small can also do things that men can not do because the men are to big. people need to cut they women a break and just accept the fact that time changes and this is now 2012 were women have more rights are expected to hold there own and help our in the world. this is not the early 1900's anymore where they are expected to stay home and clean. Women stand up for our freedom along side men, they risk loosing friends over seas and they risk their lives for you everyday! o all you who think they are to weak or should stay home and clean house can sit here are voice your opinion. Yes They should!!! I think they should be able to because for 1 htey could really help us in the fight against pretty much any one we come against in the near future. Like others said they are more slim and nopt so bold like us men are so if we say open a spot for them to fit throught to infiltrate and open doors for us men in the enemies base then thats great, that helps us when the fight even faster rite? We are not going to be pulling a G. I. Jane Women are not going to pull a GI Jane.
Most of the work in the military goes on behind the scenes where most women work. Women cannot fight in the front lines like how the movies show it. Women usually are the ones that plan how things happen and the men are the ones who carry out the plans. 14. 6% of the military is made up of women and no where do you see news of women running through a battle field shooting at all the Iraqis. Sure, women can fight, but they are not the ones that take the AK-47 and pull a Captain America. Many people think that women are 'too weak' to be in the military but let me open your eyes a bit.
Men are built differently than women, so if we do change the requirements, they are built for the men and women. It we put in numbers, and I said, 'if you are 200 pounds, you have to do 20 push ups. If you are 100 pounds you have to do 10. ' It is still the same 10%. Women can take care of themselves. This isn't the eighteen hundreds ay more. Women have jobs and the military is one of them. Again, I must stress, we are not going into the front lines and shooting everyone with an AK-47. We can fight, but not in front lines. We are behind the scenes. it's not the nineteenth centry anymore.
Contrary to popular opinion sometimes women are capable to do the same thing man can do. If women can handle childbirth, then they can also handle combat. Since women are built smaller and more flexible they can not only do the same thing men do but they can also do some things men wouldn’t be able to do because they are too big. We are not in the nineteenth century anymore; women aren’t the only person in the house to take care of house hold duties and children. Women have been able to choose they’re life path for many years now and why not be able to choose the military if they can handle it.
If they can pass the same test and make it through the same training as men then why not? The answer to this question is obvious and nonnegotiable. Women are physically capable of doing any job required by the military. Although some may say they are weaker than men, they have other strengths and abilities. The idea of rape by a fellow soldier is horrifying and simply should not happen. However, women cannot let this idea threaten them from joining the US military. Anyone with a rational perspetive can see that women must be allowed in the military.
It is their Constitutional rights and cannot be denied. Absolutely should be in the military. Sure, I don't see why cannot women cannot serve in the military. In a basic nutshell men are stronger and hardier. Women are naturally faster and more flexible. They should be given roles in military based on what is best for the gender. For example Recon, Covert Ops. Anything that requires speed and finesse. Women would excel at that naturally better than men. HOWEVER, women should be given a chance at any profession in the military.
Should they fail at what they attempted they should be try what I suggested above. There is no shame at all that some women cannot do some things that men can do. I am strong believer of giving everyone a chance. After all we are only human. ... why is this even here? A. Women are able to perform any job that men can. I personally know several women who are stronger then half the men I know. The problem with this question is that they already serve in the military and their husbands or family look after their kids (if they even have them). So what if they serve in the military?
After all it is their call. Yes, if they have the physical abilities Every woman has a right to choose the career she wants and not be excluded based on her gender. While being in the military is intensive and hard work, women do deserve the right to try out. Although it may be hard to try out for woman should they want to they deserve the right to. Because a job in the military onnly needs physical capabilities, not gender requirements. I hate questions like this.... My answer is really split between the two choices, but the majority of it rests here (thus why I'm voicing yes).
Yes, I fully believe that women should be able to perform whatever job they are wanting to perform in the military to the fullest extent of their capabilities, with one exception: they should not be allowed to perform combat roles such as front-line troopers. The reasoning behind that is that a) the average female is a lot less physically adept than the average male, making the average female a liability to her squad. Sure, the military can train them up to be strong, but they also train the men in equal respects, if not harder. Thus, they would still be a liability and a piece of dead-weight.
Secondly, the existence of the women in the patrol would signal a "guardian-angel" emotion in the male members of her patrol, especially if she was under heavy fire or pinned down, that could potentially cause them to compromise her squadmates' lives in their attempt to save hers. Those are unacceptable risks, and thus women should not be allowed on the front lines. Any other job, though, would be acceptable and high encouraged. Yes. They can if they want to. They shouldn't be drafted though. I believe the military benefits from the unique talents and abilities of women.
Women deserve to be able to serve their country, just as much as men are. Women are just as capable of the type of split-second decisions that military jobs can require and, with occasional minor accommodations, women are just as able to perform physically as men can. Some people believe that women's emotions would get in the way, but I also think that women have shown themselves to be just as cool under pressure as men can Yes, I agree that women should be in the military because, while they may not have the muscular strength of men, some actually do. Women have proved to be an integral part of our military.
Not only in combat roles, but supporting roles as well. Everyone who chooses to protect our country should be afforded the opportunity to do so. If we had no women or minorities in the military, then our country would suffer. We need all the people we can in the roles they excel at to help our country in this time of danger. In today's world, women should be allowed to have any profession they choose. I believe many women are as well-suited to military life as men are. With the advent of vehicles and long-range weapons, the need for hand-to-hand combat is almost nonexistent, meaning the argument that women are weaker means nothing.
It doesn't take a lot of muscle mass to pull a trigger, so guns are the great equalizer. Also, since many women are far more independent now than in the past, they should be free to choose whatever career path they desire. Yes, the country should continue to recognize equal rights for both sexes and allow women in the military. This country should follow a principle of equal rights for both sexes. Women who are capable of meeting the standards should be allowed to join the military and should be allowed into combat positions they are currently restricted from.
There is no reason to prohibit this except for outmoded sexist ideas about women's weakness, helplessness, or need to be protected. Yes, women should be in the military because they have more of a pain resistance then most men. Because of the manual labors and pain women are put through during child birth, womens bodies have become much more resistant to pain so they can become more ready for the tasks ahead. Yes, women should be in the military because there is more than enough jobs for them. There may be some jobs in the military that would be made difficult or impossible with a woman in the group.
But there are still more than enough jobs left that a women can do. I do not believe that a woman can do anything a man can do in this day and age. But there remains too much social stigma against women, and there are things they can do as good or better than men. Instead of focusing on the jobs women are not allowed to do in the military, there should be more focus into the areas that they already excel in. Yes, women should be allowed in the military, because a lot of women are far tougher than some men. Women should be allowed in the military, because quite honestly, I've met women that are far tougher than men.
If they want to do the job, then they should be allowed to do it. Women are just as capable of doing a job Yes, long-standing law, known female capacities, and this country's commitment to fairness, all require and demand it. The military has been expanding the range of jobs it lets women perform for years. Congress hasn't forced it to do this. Instead, experience has shown that qualified women are needed to perform all sorts of work. Even direct combat roles have, out of necessity, been taken on by women in the heat of battle, and they have performed with distinction: at least two won the Silver Star in the last decade.
Or one could ignore experience, and consider justice, reason, and the rule of law. Discrimination against women in the armed forces rests on stereotypes, rather than individualized judgments, which invites the spread of such bias across the economy and public life. And this sort of prohibition violates the law. We could certainly change laws requiring equality, even the 14th Amendment's guarantee of due process of law. But changing laws to restrict the freedom of one class sets a dangerous, ugly precedent. as a man is, if not more so, in some cases.
Women should be allowed to be in the military as they should be afforded equality in all arenas of society. I believe that gender equality, even in the military, is crucial for the well-being of our society. Women should be given the same opportunities to serve our country in the military as men have. Women who want to serve their country should be allowed. We are at war now we need as many volunteers as possible. We have many strong women serving there country honorably now. I support the that women may join the military, they should enjoy equal rights.
I believe that women should be allowed to join the military forces. But only in a non-combatant role. Fighting in the front-line is no the job or suitable place for women. There is many types of office jobs, nursing, doctoring and engineering job in the military. Women should be allowed to join these jobs as much as men are. Women are in every field, so they should also be in military. I agree that the women should be in the military. Nowadays we can see that the women are seen in every field in comparison with the men, and they have started excelling and taking over in each and every profession.
So , t hey should not be discourage in the field of military because of their physical appearances. There's a place in the military for women. I do believe that there is a place in the military for women. But, I think that we should be thoughtful and reasonable about that place. Women, especially those with children, should not be placing themselves in the line of fire everyday. I believe in saving the women and children, first. It should be taken into careful consideration before women are put in a position to face actual battle.
Men have been engaged in violence and warfare forever. This is a relatively newly acquired skill for women. And, also, a women who is of childbearing age - her body might have to serve as a vessel of life for a child. So, when they are exposed to all the chemical, physical and emotional hazards of warfare it could effect a child down the road. Women should be in the military because there is no difference between what a woman can do and what a man can do Women should be in the military because there should be no distinction for who can choose to participate in the military.
Instead, the question is whether or not an individual, be it a man or woman, is capable of functioning effectively in the military. So long as a woman proves that, there is no reason why she shouldn't be in the military. If women decide they want to help fight for a country, they should be allowed just like men. Most of the time, you see many men joining the army and fighting for that desired country. The women are also recommended because they too are human beings. They have the right to decide if they want to help fight and also help in other services whilst in the military.
Women have a great deal to contribute to our military. In many countries, military service is mandatory for both males and females. Are American women any less capable? Of course not! Just like men, women have their strengths which can benefit our military. And, just as men receive excellent training and benefits from military service, women should be eligible for these as well. Women today have ability and courage and should be able to serve if that's what they want. Women should be in the military because they provide essential duties that women can provide the best.
Some of the best soldiers in the American military are women. While women may not be on the front lines, and I agree with this, they provide invaluable services for our country that women provide the best. The best nurses, supply chain management, military leaders and administrators are women and without them, our military would not be as great as it is today. Women are completely capable of being in the military. Women can be an asset to the military. There is no reason why they should not be permitted to be in the military. Anyone who is willing to be an active part of the military should be permitted to do so.
If a woman is willing to risk her life for her country she should be able to. There are currently many women in the United States military and they are an asset. I believe women should be allowed in the military; some women are born warriors, too. Some females, like many males, have deep patriotic tendencies. They have a "special something" for their country and the people. Many unsung heroes exist-both female and male; I want to bring attention to a few positions women occupy in the military. During the years from 1995-2004, females in the military increased from 13 to 15%.
Women are increasing to higher levels in the U. S. Defense Department. Female soldiers are replacing many male soldier's "traditional" jobs-patrolling, convoy and unit security, and military police. Women have proven their abilities as warriors and soldiers throughout centuries. If anyone has a yearning to provide safety for their country and can pass requirements, I believe they should be permitted the right to follow their dreams. Of course women should be in the military. Women have been serving in the military for years and have done much to prove that their service is just as valuable as their male counterparts.
Women are just as patriotic as men and should never have the right to serve in the military taken away from them. Women who are willing to put their lives on the line for their country should be allowed to do so. Gender doesn't preclude being effected by war, it shouldn't preclude participating in it directly. In history, women are the often over-looked victims of war time. They are the ones who starve when trade lines collapse, who see their male relatives march off to fight, who are violated in home and body by encroaching armies. These are all 'the horrors of war' and they are subjected to them with out ever being a combatant.
At least by allowing them to be, they are more empowered and involved in the society they are fighting for. If a woman can do the job, there's not reason she shouldn't be in the military. There's no reason a woman shouldn't be in the military. If she can do the job, then she has the right to get the job. Often women reason differently than men, which means she can sometimes come up with the solution to a problem that a man wouldn't think of. Yes, women should be in the military if that is the choice they make for themselves. Women should be allowed to be in the military if that is the path they have chosen for themselves.
Women are stronger than some may think, in terms of physical strength as well as mentally and emotionally. Some women want the educational opportunities, while others are patriotic or feel it's a strong career choice. We should be allowed the same decision on this as men. Women should be in the military, because not allowing them to do so would be sexism. Not allowing women to join the military just because they're women would be blatant sexism and it might hold back some very good soldiers from joining our ranks. However, women should be held to every physical standard that men are when joining the military.
If you line up a bunch of random women and a bunch of random men and test them all on their physical athleticism, the men are on average going to perform better. This doesn't mean that there aren't women out there who surpass most men in athleticism. Ultimately, women should be allowed to join the military but should be given no special treatment (i. e. no "affirmative action" type allowance) regarding admissions. There definitely is a place for women in the military, but with some exceptions. Women have certain talents and personalities that are very helpful in the military.
They can be very meticulous, focused, and compassionate. There are certain areas of the military that I don't feel are appropriate for women, especially on the front lines carrying weapons. No doubt women in the military can be a distraction and temptation for the men, but that is no reason for keeping them from joining. They are a distraction and temptation wherever men and women are together. Posted by: BMaritza She can fly a plane, fix the drain, and guide the UAV. Why not serve her nation? Women can fly airplanes, provide logistical support, and serve in medical units in equal competency to men.
Women can even control unmanned aerial vehicles, an upcoming military technology. Women can serve in many capacities as well as men, as they currently do. The only serious concern is in combat conditions on the front, where women lack the physical stamina of men and the risk of both rape and capture by the enemy. There is also the strong argument of unit cohesion by not having men and women serving in the same barracks and in close quarters. That is resolved by having separate men's' and women's' barracks and never having women in direct line of fire and sharing a fox hole with a man.
With those conditions, women should serve. It would decrease the need to pull men into the military and provide more men for hard front-line service, if it is necessary, without having to pull more men in general from the population as a whole. Women should be in the military. Some time ago there was an outcry from women to be equal with men. Women wanted to be treated as equals, paid as equals and respected as equals. So in my opinion there should be no difference between a male soldier and a female soldier. If women sign up for the military they should be and should expect to be treated as a soldier!
Granted there are different issues that a female soldier might face that a male soldier might not, especially if captured. However, the draft has not been in effect for quite a while and never has included women. So it is my opinion that if women decide they want to fight for their country they should be treated just as those who fought for equality. Let them. es Of course they should be, in every role that is there. If they can pull the requirements for a curtain role and they understand all consequences, then so be it. They deserve the right to serve and feel equal.

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